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Kelley Ramsden



“I feel so grounded and light. Not sure words can capture what you do and the effect it has, which makes the experience simply magical”.

Monica E.

“From the moment my session begins I have an instant sense of relaxation. I become calm and I'm able to turn everything off and just be in that moment. Thank you for the positivity that you always pass along”. 

Alex K.


“I came out of Kelley’s session feeling like a new person - My whole body and being feels so relaxed and at peace.  Thanks you so much!”

Lori S.


“Anitta & Kelley are amazing!! The Reiki & Reflexology Duo is my favourite. It's a great way for me to unwind from my crazy schedule. I always feel so relaxed and recharged following my session! See you again soon"

Ashley M.

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