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Kashaelle Gagnon



"Kashaelle is a gifted bodyworker and a powerful healer." 
Duncan Fraser MTC. Dip C. 

"Kashaelle is the ultimate stress relief known to man kind. She is the only person that has ever been able to get to the root of my problems and solve them. I would recommend Kashaelle to anyone who is in need of relief from pain or just needs to relax and unwind." 
Patrick Hobbs 

"I have been receiving 2 hours massage treatment once a month for two years for bursitis, and various other aches & pains, also for personal enjoyment. I have found treatments beneficial & they have improved my life & health considerably – I have been going for massage for over 20 years in various other places, I would say that Kashaelle Gagnon is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend her. As well she is knowledgeable, very nice, and friendly person." 
Donna J. Sewell 

"We have employed Kashaelle expert massage services for our clients and ourselves since 1999. Many of our guests have experienced massage And spa services at various spas in numerous cities and the comments are always the same:“ Best massage I’ve ever had “, “She’s wonderful “, and other compliments to that effect." 
Tranquility Bay B&B 

"Kashaelle talks to the muscles, the way Dr Doolittle talks to the animals. Kashaelle has healed me and my friends and in every case, the results were miraculous" 
Steve Kubby 

"Kashaelle has brought a new awareness of my body and health. She has even helped my children's. If you want results, don’t waste your time – go to someone who gets the job done, Kashaelle. My family and I have a better life because of her. " 
Michele Kubby 

 "Dear Kashaelle: Thank you for your ongoing massages! Since October of 2003, I have been receiving weekly massages from you and my posture has improved dramatically! Tension in my body is way down 
and after each massage the relaxation and calm lasts for days!! What an awesome experience." 
Doug Anderson 

"Kashaelle is always professional and reliable. Meticulous about hygiene. Her passion for helping people shines through in her work. Kashaelle has proven herself to be knowledgeable , intuitive, professional and personable and we would recommend her services without hesitation." 
Krista Cutlan 

"Kashaelle, your personal attention and concern for my well being has truly helped me to enjoy a better quality of life. My monthly visits have become a highlight of my routine. I recommend you to as many people as will hear me, assuring them that they will benefit from your well trained hands as well as your perceptive personal touch. Thank you so much for Sharing your special gift." Sincerely Larry Hunt 

"How about – I invest in my health and well-being – I have one of Kashaelle’s total body massages – It is amazing !" 
Eva Bailey 

To whom it may concern:

In 1996 I suffered a serious back injury related to chronic overwork. It left me somewhat crippled and in chronic pain with a poor longterm prognosis. It was further complicated by injuries earlier in my life to my right leg and knee.  

For the next 9 years I was unable to do anything physical without severe back pain, swelling and nerve discomfort. I could no longer sleep in a bed or even remain in any resting position too long. Pain was constant and life became about seeking relief and sleep. I saw physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists. All with no significant relief or changes.

Then I discovered Kashaelle Gagnon. Kashaelle looked at my whole body, lifestyle, health habits and routines and made several recommendations and began a series of bodywork treatments. After only a few treatments, I experienced huge pain relief  and found I was able to move and rest without pain for the first time in years. As I worked with Kashaelle, my back became stronger and other parts of my body corrected themselves as well.  My feet had twisted and walking on them had become painful. Kashaelle’s persistent work straightened them out and her recommendations have resulted in great relief and healing for my legs, knees and hips, as well as my back.  Her easy to follow, practical instructions helped me to strengthen vital weakened muscles to prevent further damage, injury and pain. 

Kashaelle has helped me become an active participant of life again and I am able to do and enjoy so many things again that I had to give up because of pain and injury. Nobody was able to help me until I met her. She has a real gift and her inspired touch is able to heal the most stubborn ailments. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking health and healing.  

Michiko  Cantelon
Galiano Island, BC

First of all, I have to say that Kashaelle is my HERO.  When I first started going to her approximately 2 ½ years ago, I had no idea how massage treatment would change my life!
Kashaelle is a top-notch professional.  She made me very comfortable from my first visit.  She has beautiful soothing music, wonderful candles, and uses healing oils.  She listens to her clients, takes a medical history, and strives to help them achieve their highest level of health.  
I had a pesky shoulder plus a problem in my thumb area, which I did not think to tell Kashaelle about.  Many months later, I confided to her telling her that after all this time neither one was better!  As my friend, she politely scolded me for not mentioning it before.  This experience of total transformation has proven to me that she is a healer.  She started working on it that night, and within 6 treatments, I was well again, pain-free and had full mobility.  If only I had told her sooner……..lesson learned.
I would highly recommend Kashaelle and her services.  I have taken my son for a couple of treatments, too.  He was nervous (as was I my first time) and she put his mind as ease.  He needed only one visit that first time, and she got to the root of the problem.  I am grateful that Kashaelle came to the Sunshine Coast.  I wish her every success on Galiano Island.  I know one thing, when I make a trip over there, it would not be complete without a massage from her.  She is affordable, very conscientious about cleanliness, and just a great health practitioner.  

Connie from Sechelt 

"Seventeen years ago, an accident left me an incomplete paraplegic. My posture was very poor due to my pigeon-toed walk. My legs would scissor causing me to fall; an almost daily event. I had chronic pain in my knees and ankles. I had tried just about everything out there with very limited success before seeing Kashaelle. Within a month, my walking had improved dramatically. My feet are now aligned, my legs no longer scissors and I don't trip over my own feet anymore! The pain in my knees and ankles has gone and my energy level has increased dramatically. I still see 
Kashaelle every week so she can keep me tuned up and catch problems before damage Is done. I firmly believe that without Kashaelle I would have been back in a wheelchair. Now, with her help, I plan on walking for many years to 
Terry Halverson 
Galiano Island, BC

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