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The Herb Coach

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Jean Dansereau 
The Herb Coach

The Herb Coach - Jean Dansereau

With 40+ years of experience using the Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal remedies,  Jean can identify your health struggles, helping you understand their causes and what you can do to correct them. 


Jean recognizes that for many, the challenge is to move beyond managing symptoms to experience true wellness. Taking preventative steps to maintain natural energy levels, quality of sleep and management of stress will ensure a vibrant life balancing mind, body and spirit.


Herbalism (also known as phytotherapy) is the practice of using plants to treat common ailments and promote wellness. It is the oldest and most widely practice form of medicine in the world, with over 80% of the worlds population relying on herbs for health. Over 50% of pharmaceutical prescriptions contain at least one ingredient either produced directly from plants or discovered from plant sources and then synthesized.

Many of the pharmaceuticals used by physicians today have long been used in herbal remedies. Examples include opium derived from the poppy, aspirin from white willow bark, digitalis from foxglove, and quinine from cinchona bark. The use of plants for medicinal purposes can be traced back through much of human history, with some archeological evidence dating as far back as Paleolithic times some 60,000 years ago.

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