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Healthy Consultation

Some of the common challenges that people face every day in their quest  for better health...

Neck and shoulder tension?
That's stress talking. I can suggest a supplement to relieve it in 2-3 days.

Not sleeping well?
Can't shut your mind off? I have an herb for that; you'll be sleeping better than you thought possible in 3 nights.

Crave sweets? 
I know which food is the culprit, and what you can eat to alleviate those cravings in just a few days.

Feel tired every day at 3pm? 
I know what causes your fatigue, and I can recommend foods to remedy it.

Frustrated, anxious, or depressed? 
I'll tell you which parts of your body are affected to make you feel this way, and which foods and herbs will correct how you feel emotionally.
Health Consultation 

45 Min – 1 Hour 

As a Master Herbalist, my goal is to help you feel your best as quickly as I can.  Establishing results with you is my first priority. I will also help you to understand the cause(s) of your health challenges and provide you with the tools and dietary changes that you will need to succeed.  I’ll also teach you how to stay healthy and be preventative to future health issues. My strong belief is that many of us suffer needlessly, and that this can be remedied with a few simple changes in nutrition and lifestyle.

Blood Typing Consultation

1 Hour


If you are searching for a nutritional edge, dealing with chronic health problems, or seeking to enhance your energy and vitality, discover the importance of your blood type.  Eating right for your blood type as well as using supplements and lifestyle choices geared specifically for your blood type can help with many facets of your life.



Many natural energy products can actually cause certain people to become lethargic and feel drained. Knowing what your blood type is can help you to make choices that will help you get the most out of foods, supplements and exercise.


Mental Focus & Clarity

Some popular “brain and mind” herbs and nutrients actually make some blood types feel “brain fogged” or mentally unfocused!  Are all of the herbs and supplements you take right for you?


Stress Reduction

Different blood types respond differently to stressors.  Knowing how to exercise specifically for your blood type and which nutrients to ingest in order to keep stress in check can be a huge benefit in creating balance in your life.


Weight Loss

Paradoxically, many common weight loss products contain ingredients that may actually cause you to gain weight.  Knowing which substances work best for you can make maintaining a healthy weight easier than ever!

Facial Diagnosis 

45 Min – 1 Hour 


The Chinese Art Of Face Reading And Its Relationship To Your Health.
What if I told you that the lines on your face reflect specific health issues, and not just the fact that you are getting older? Have you ever wondered why one person has more lines on their face than another person of the same age?  Why do some people look older than their chronological age, while others maintain that youthful appearance?


I have spent the last 38 years helping people understand the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and their unique health issues based on the lines that appear on their faces. If you do not like what you see, I can show you what to do to change your health and appearance for the better. Are line and wrinkles just an inevitable part of aging? 

If you think so, you owe it to yourself to find out if becoming healthier can turn back the clock.

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