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Our Practitioners


Healthy Solutions is the combination of competent, caring practitioners who have dedicated their careers to improving their patients’ health and wellness. While each is a passionate leader in his or her field, the synergy created by our integrative care model is our unique approach to respond to any of your concerns.

Gina Salerno

Owner/Hair Stylist/Make-Up Artist


Gina brings her passion for drawing out the best in her clients on all levels.  She's a leading edge stylist, always on top of and ahead of trends, and believes that beauty is all encompassing.  Eating well, self-care, and taking quality supplements as well as a trip to the salon are the makings of balanced, well rounded happy, beautiful people.


We, at Healthy Solutions, believe that by incorporating clean, natural and organic when possible ingredients into our clients lives, they will reap the benefits.  That is what we strive for and why we open our doors in the morning.


Gina shares her time between Healthy Solutions and her loyal clientele at Alta Moda Salon in West Edmonton.  She loves the team spirit at both locations and is living her best life!

Kelley Ramsden


Kelley knows that given the right support and environment, we all have the innate ability to heal.  She strives to create the ideal space for her clients to relax, unwind and have the best possible experience.
Through compassionate and careful listening, she addresses physical, emotional and energetic issues using reflexology, energy healing and intuition. 

Kelley's amazing testimonials >>>

Alana Severin

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that uses gentle, hands-on treatment to restore movement and balance in the body.


Alana completed her Masters in Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences in 2020 and draws upon her in-depth knowledge of anatomy to address the specific health issues of each individual. She believes in working with her clients to achieve lasting health changes.

Alana's downtime is spent hiking, continuing education, painting, gardening and connecting with family and friends.

Anitta Jensen

Reiki Master/Teacher, Accunet Practitioner

Using complementary therapy techniques such as reiki, accunect and crystal healing, we can help restore harmony to the body's energy field, allowing healing on all levels-physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality.

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